In line with the recommendations from the Portuguese Government and National Health Authorities, Redbridge School is pleased to announce that the school will open for all children in the Early Years section on Monday 01 June 2020.

The Primary Years section will remain closed until the beginning of the 2020/21 School Year, in September.

Since the beginning of the school closure, we moved our entire provision online. All teachers and learning support staff were working remotely to allow the continuity of our home learning provisions. All staff meetings, professional development and coordination functions including inclusion support continued as normal remotely.

With the opening of the school for our Early Years group, all of the Early Years teachers and supporting staff will be back to school with their groups.

The Portuguese Government has allowed for the opening of pre-schools as of the 1st of June and, with this in mind, we will be opening our school doors to all our Early Years children. 

Children and teachers from Lower Primary and Upper Primary will continue with our online home learning provisions.

Redbridge School has put together a safety contingency plan, in addition to strictly following all Government and Health Authorities safety recommendations.

In less than 72 hours, we moved our entire Community to a home learning model. The impact of school closure on our community is probably even more challenging for us as we place such a great value on human and social interactions. On the other hand, this was a great opportunity for us to reflect further and show how creative we are in defining and personalizing our children’s learning journey in this new context. From day 1, our whole team has been fully committed to providing our home-learning provision, i.e. a blended learning approach, which consists of – depending on the grades – a combination of relatively short, live video, Zoom meetings and self-paced activities through an online platform (SeeSaw), with teachers available to children to address any specific needs or questions, while keeping strongly in mind our vision and our commitment towards our children and families.

Our specialists have provided personalised learning experiences for our children and we have sign-posted a whole raft of additional fun family activities for the holidays or those long lockdown weekends.

Our Physical Education team has put together the ‘Redbridge Virtual Olympics’, to challenge our children and continue with their physical development from home, with a challenge week for all at the end of the School year.

Redbridge School is also hosting a special performance at the end of the school year, to which children will all contribute items. The individual and group items will be compiled digitally and shared live for the whole school community. 

All trips, forest school and after school activities have been suspended as of the 13th of March, until further notice.

In coordination with our PTA and in accordance with our values, we have decided to establish a solidarity fund, which aims to help our families in financial distress. Each family, who has its own unique set of circumstances, will be invited to either benefit from the discount or allocate the benefit of the discount to this solidarity fund. The fund will be used to support the most vulnerable members of our Community, with the Directorate of the school allocating the funds with complete transparency, in collaboration with the PTA.

or the 2020-2021 academic year, we accept applications from age 3 through grade 6 programs. Our admissions process begins in the fall prior to your desired year of attendance. Should you be interested in registering your child please visit our admissions page. For any other queries please contact our

Redbridge School is closed to all members of our community and general public. To book a visit once the school reopens please create an account and fill in an interest form.

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Redbridge School is an innovative Early years and Primary School for children aged 3 to 12 years. We inspire creativity, a love of learning and international mindedness through a challenging and playful multilingual learning environment, where children feel happy, valued and secure.

We promote a holistic and child-focused and learning-centred pedagogical approach, seeking to develop key attitudes and transverse skills to support children in achieving academic mastery through inquiry-based learning and foreign language immersion.

Redbridge School is located in Campo de Ourique, a popular residential neighbourhood in Lisbon city. Our facilities were created from scratch in September 2017, combining the vision of our founders with innovative architecture to meet all the needs of children in the school environment:

  • The Pavillion dedicated to the Early Years: an organic wooden building with 500 m2 on the ground floor, fully integrated in the wooded area of the school, with 5 classrooms with direct access to the playground and garden, and an architectural terrace designed to integrate the recreation area of 3-5 years;
  • The main building continues the eco-friendly, sustainable approach and comprises the Primary classes, the common areas, such as the canteen, the library, the gymnasium, the communal areas, as well as the school administration offices.

Redbridge School follows the guidance offered by the French national curriculum for the first three years of ´maternelle´ whilst maintaining a strong focus on self-directed play, creativity, autonomy and the natural learning of social skills in the Early Years.

Children engage in active-learning experiences where their curiosity is encouraged and rewarded through projects inspired by the children and their interests. The Movimento da Escola Moderna (MEM) instruments and democratic classroom principles help structure the school day and week.

We also use some Montessori resources to supplement the dedicated classroom areas.

Our 3 year-old children enjoy the comfort of a completely adapted and personalised nursery classroom and benefit from the caring teaching approach of three dedicated and full-time teachers: one English, one French and one Portuguese.

The other 4 classrooms are for our 4 and 5 year old children in a mixed-age set-up. The multi-lingual approach established in the first year, continues with children accessing activities and instruction in all three languages throughout the day. We have facilitated this by connecting pairs of classes so that each pair has two dedicated homeroom teachers (one French and one Portuguese) and two English-speaking teaching assistants between them.

In Primary Years we offer two bilingual pathways: a French/English Section and a Portuguese/English Section.

We support a personalised and trans-disciplinary approach where children learn through inquiry and engage in ‘Project-based learning’.

  • The French/English Section (CP to 6eme) follows the objectives of the national curriculum of the French Ministry of Education.
  • The Portuguese/English Section (1º e 2º ciclo) follows the objectives of the national curriculum of the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

In Primary school, children benefit from a bilingual approach: language learning takes place in French or Portuguese according to the section chosen, and in English, using the Common European Framework for Language. Maths, Humanities (Sciences/History/Geography/Civic education), art, design and drama are all taught bilingually by two teachers (one English and one French or Portuguese) using a co-teaching approach.

As a result of our multilingual approach, the school population comprises children from 19 nationalities and many of them are bi-nationals. Our current populations are: ~40% French or bi-national French; ~30 % Portuguese or bi-national Portuguese; ~30 % other nationalities.

The school is open from 8:15 until 18:00, from Monday until Friday. Regular curriculum time is 08:30 to 15:30 with a range of clubs on offer from 16:00 to 18:00.

As of 2019, Redbridge School is an accredited member of the AEEP (for Private Schools in Portugal – and AEFE Schools (French Ministry of Education –

To be considered for enrolment at Redbridge, children must be or turn three years of age in the year of their enrolment and be fully toilet trained.

Children must reach program age requirements by September 1 of the program year for which they are applying.

The tables below indicate when your child is due to start school or which year group your child should be in.

Children with a native language different from Portuguese, French or English are most welcome to join Redbridge School.

However, in Primary Years the child’s language proficiency in Portuguese or French (depending on the section chosen) and English, will gradually become of greater importance in child’s application assessment and admission’s decision.

Yes. Redbridge School offers an extended day program and after school classes until 18:00, Monday-Friday. You may enrol your child in these clubs for an additional fee.

For any late entrance, please contact the admissions office directly at or +351 210 522 550.

No. Redbridge School pedagogical and educational program is set up for a full school year commitment.

Redbridge School is using a web-based application, for all steps of the admissions process. Please visit our Admissions page to create an account and begin your application.

If you are interested in applying for the 2019-2020 school year, please contact the admissions office directly at or +351 210 522 550.

Redbridge School doesn’t provide any school bus service.

Although Redbridge School families mainly live in Campo de Ourique, Estrela, Santos, Lapa and Amoreiras, our school in Campo de Ourique is easily accessible and several families live as far as Parque de Nações to the East and Cascais to the West.