1. Redbridge School welcomes all children regardless of race, nationality, social status or religion. Admission is independent of their cognitive abilities, intellectual, artistic or physical abilities.
  2. The school can provide qualified assistance for children who require additional help with the French, Portuguese or English language. To the extent of the school’s provisions, certain special educational needs or medical conditions may be provided. However, the Head of School together with the academic staff makes the final decision as to whether and under what conditions a child can benefit from our curricula.
  3. Applicants are deemed eligible to Redbridge School subject to the verification of the requirements listed below, amongst others:
  • All admissions procedures have been taken and all required documents presented;
  • Applicants for the Early Years must be or turn three years of age in the year of their enrolment and be fully toilet trained;
  • Applicants should be deemed to have the potential to benefit from the school available educational programme and/or pedagogical approach and must be able to access the curriculum;
  1. All steps of the admission procedures must be taken in order to enrol your chil(dren) at Redbridge School.
  2. Redbridge School reserves the right to change its Admissions Procedures and Policy annually.
  3. Enrolment Priority to: current students & siblings of current students.
  4. Applications are only valid for the following academic year.
  5. School reserves the right to deny admissions.
  6. Any false information provided or relevant information withheld may determine the revoke of the child’s enrolment whenever deemed appropriate by the Head of School.