The school is open from
8:15 until 18:00.

Learning hours are from
8:50 to 16:00,
Monday to Friday.

Children are welcome in the playground starting from 8:15 or in the classroom from 8:40.


There are after school clubs which run between the hours of 16:30 and 18:00. You may enrol your child in these clubs for an additional fee.


The school benefits from having its own kitchen to prepare and cook well-balanced meals with fresh, high-quality and nutritious ingredients, taking into account allergies and specific diets.


We expect parents to read with their children every day. However, this should not be considered ‘homework’ but, rather, a special time for children to spend with their parents, or another adult, inspiring a lifelong love of books, reading and literature. Depending on your child’s ability and preference you may either read to them, listen to them read or read something together.

Depending upon the child’s age, developmental or support needs and the topic children are working on at the time, tasks or projects may occasionally be given to do at home. These tasks will focus on personal research, promoting family involvement. We ask that the work should always be that of the child but under the guidance and support of family and adults.


Uniform consists of a Redbridge long/short sleeved polo and a Redbridge hooded sweatshirt, with the intention of: 

  • Creating a team spirit and a unifying sense of identity with a school to which they are proud to belong;
  • Helping to save time in the mornings;
  • Making it easier to identify children on school trips, of which we will have many.